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Ron Keijnemans (head of Service and Maintenance at Boele & van Eesteren) embraces Focus Bricks.

‘Working paperless is a breath of fresh air for all parties’

Door: Douwe Frerichs

We are all drowning in administrative work. In many cases, the jobs are carried out during the week and the completion-tickets may be left incomplete or lying around. Processing these is a task that is eyed with strong dislike, particularly if it is not an employees core strength. After all, you’d rather be working with a wrench than with a laptop. 

Managing sub-contractors

Ron Keijnemans, head of Service and Maintenance at Boele & van Eesteren, always found it hard to keep a foot behind the office door with the numerous subcontractors a construction company works with. Welcome CCS provided Keijnemans with a custom-built solution to better manage subcontractors and employees. The new Focus Bricks application, a software solution for report- and malfunction management in the construction business, has been functioning according to plan for the past few months. “The knife cuts on both sides. We have an overview and the sub-contractors are free from complication administration tasks. With a simple process, the completed task is archived. If necessary, a picture of what was repaired can be added.”

Unique partnerships

Before Boele & van Eesteren and Welcome CCS began cooperating, Ron Keijnemans and Dave Wurms spent almost a year meeting and talking numerous times to ensure the client could explain his entire wish list and personal vision, while Wurms got an insight into the projects carried out by Boele & van Eesteren. “We already had a similar system, but that proved to have its limitations. Through experience, I had ideas about what I wanted in the new package. The most important was that it should be simple in use.” Wurms and his team then worked to combine my vision, other ideas and suggestions into the new package.

Gone is the mountain of paper

Keijnemans: “Where there is construction and renovation, there are complaints and malfunctions. It’s just the way it is. Those complaints are now put in the system by our service-employee and assigned. From the first moment this happens, we have the ability to track the entire process closely till the moment that the task is completed. The advantage of this system is that we now work paperless. No full archives with binders, but everything close at hand as pdf’s in the system. Next to that, and no less important, is that this system is cost cutting,” says Keijnemans who works at the Service & Maintenance department in Oegstgeest. “Most of our projects are in the Randstad, but we are part of Volker-Wessels, that operates on a much larger scale.”

Complete overview as of now

“We are really happy with this. I hear a lot of positive stuff about it, from sub-contractors as well. They do not feel like they are looked upon more, but experience it as additional support,” says the 47-year-old Keijnemans, who has been using FocusBricks for six months now. He can’t deny that he now has a much better insight into who does his work the best and who are below that mark. “Everything is visible, including the time taken to finish a task. For example, when one plumber has 2 complaints for a 100 houses and another one has 1 on 10, then we have this in a quick overview. If tasks are not carried out properly, this is shown, including what has been done and who did it. But a company that carries out their tasks well has nothing to fear. It’s now easier for us to find the right person for the job.”

Ron Keijnemans is also very pleased about the purposefulness of the system. “The fact that you can reach your entire target-group with a few clicks is very valuable. You view pre- and post-repair photographs right from your desk. This overview is essential when you want to provide optimal service. No detail is missed anymore”, says Keijnemans.

High-tech communication without the complicated stack of papers between clients and contractors; Balten van Eesteren and Leendert Boele, who merged their contractor companies into Boele & van Eesteren in 1906, would have definitely been impressed.



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