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 Bert van den Heuvel of Vorm Service & Maintenance:

"Thanks to SCM7 the customer is king once again"


By: Douwe Frerichs

VORM, the construction and development company that has its home in Papendrecht was founded in 1919 and has grown from a small-time operation into a construction company that belongs in the top 25 of our country. VORM has approximately 300 employees, whose work mainly in the middle of The Netherlands. Through an increase in the amount of delivered houses, the need for a better reports and complaints registration system surfaced in 2008. After testing the software packages that were readily available on the market by the employees of the Service and Maintenance department, the choice was made to purchase the system offered by Welcome CCS. Van den Heuvel was prepared to share his experiences with Welcome CCS with us.


"After VORM Service & Maintenance started with complaints management, the amount of complaints and reports about the new construction delivered by us increased tremendously,” says Van den Heuvel to start things off. That sounds like a case of opposites; you invest in a new system and the complaints flood your incoming mail. He grins: “We were fully aware that there were a lot of things wrong with our old system. People found ways around the system. It was never clear who dealt with incoming complaints and at what stage they were. Complaints were registered in Excel-files. It is almost impossible to avoid that some of them land in a filing drawer somewhere. A bad situation, because as expected the customer is also king at our company.”


Van den Heuvel is very pleased with the results offered by Welcome CCS solutions. “This was exactly what we needed. ‘Service’ is in our department name. We want to offer the owners of our houses that extra piece of service. The term ‘complaint’ does not really cut it when it comes to new construction. They are mostly construction faults that surface during the warranty period.”

Van den Heuvel first heard about Welcome CCS a few years ago. "Not only did the product speak to me, but the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff game me a sense of security and trust. The people of Welcome CCS took their time, carried out extensive tasks and explained the inner workings and possibilities of their system to the last detail. When it turned out that their services were sharply priced, we decided to partner with them. I can now safely say that we do not regret this decision.”

VORM’s Service & Maintenance department has five employees who work with this automated complaints-registration system. The stages of complaints are visible at a glance. Multiple people can work in the system. The order- and worksheets are sent directly to the three employees on the outside and our customers are given insights into the status and treatment of their complaints quickly. "The system has been fully tailored to our wishes and demands. Designed for both users and customers, in our own branded style and completely automated. The customer is fully serviced and our employees maintain an overview. This is leading to an increase in compliments, with people praising how quickly and efficiently we deal with complaints,” concludes Bert van den Heuvel.


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