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Vestia Project Leader Koos van Mastrigt about Welcome CCS


"Finally free from Excel-files"

By: Douwe Frerichs 

 Vestia is a housing corporations and supplies services to the owners of approximately 89.000 houses in the Netherlands. Vestia has 1150 employees total. Next to local corporations, Vestia also has two specialized companies at their disposal when it comes to project development; Ceres Projects (The Hague Region) and Estrade Projects (Rotterdam Region). Koos van Mastrigt is Project Leader Supervision and Aftercare at Ceres, located on the Leeghwaterplein in The Hague and is responsible for all warranty complaints of the approx. 1500 buy- and rental homes that Ceres used to deliver on a yearly basis.

Spider in the web
Van Mastrigt works for one client, which is Vestia, and works with different head contractors and smaller contractors, who in turn work with a large number of sub-contractors.
In that web of builders and contractors, Koos van Mastrigt tries to maintain an overview. Van Mastrigt has worked in this branch for 31 years already.
He was put in touch with Welcome CCS through Hans Metz of Estrade Projects.

Lots of timesaving
“At first, it was the playful name ‘Welcome’ that spoke to me,” says Van Mastrigt when we speak with him on a summery Monday morning. “It was friendly to the ear. Afterwards, Dave visited us and gave us an extensive demonstration. This got everyone enthusiastic right away.We normally worked with extremely large Excel-spreadsheets that we used to track the progress of dealing with and registering complaints. Working in this created nothing short of a mess.


Finding an assignment or complaint was difficult. Dave listened carefully to our wishes and optimized the offered package for our needs. We, for example, wanted to be able to prioritize complaints in the system with a three-tier ranking; high/mediocre and low.
For a clear overview, colors were assigned to each tier, which changes automatically as the work progresses through different stages.


We are on top of things
Four people work on the solutions provided by Welcome. Koos van Mastrigt: “With a completion of houses, there are practically always complaints and mistakes that surface. That is the normal order of business and these complaints fall under the warranty-agreements.
Complaints come in for all sorts of things, from leaks and electrical problems to problems with the finish and tearing.
A homeowner has a 10-year warranty on the construction of the house. To operate efficiently and truly know your business, you need to keep this whole period in a clear overview.
That way you can see data like which sub-contractor builds with the least amount of warranty complaints and with reports in hand you can evaluate the contractors according to their achievements,” says Van Mastrigt who continues enthusiastically: “With this new application we can rank the complaints very clearly and almost automatically add a work order for the contractor.
The pleasure of working with this system is that you immediately see what is going on. You can see when a job has been registered and which priority it needs.

You are on top of things. The overview is handy because you can immediately see what people are talking about. Since the implementation, our communication is better, as is our contractor management. 
We also have a complete overview of all outstanding reports that are being handled.


Crown Business Center
Welcome CCS
Ericssonstraat 2

The Netherlands
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