Software for Complaints management

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Registration is simple

Clear and organized input screens ensure a quick and simple input of all of your reports. Your employees can walk through the registration process quickly and easily. You save valuable time. 

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Clear reports

You want to know where your organization can improve right away. You can create clear reports and graphs with the click of a button. This gives you a direct view of where the opportunities as well as the bottlenecks lie. You can quickly play take advantage of this information to improve your processes. 


Direct management of your employees

Our solutions will help your employees’ follow-up on reports and to deal with them. Each report is marked directly and sent to the right employee. In this way, your processes are automatically supported without you having to keep an eye out. 


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Web forms for online input

You want to make life simple for your business relations, right? Complaints are free advice after all. Effective web forms ensure a flawless reception of these reports and make your customer feel welcome.

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Clear monitoring

Clear overviews give you good insights. Colors mark the status of your reports. Everything has been created to make life easier for you, you will not miss anything anymore, and you can spend less time looking. 

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All documents within reach 

A digital dossier is created around every complaint. Pictures, letters and e-mails can be placed in the reports-dossier and ‘travel’ along with the report as it were. All involved parties can access relevant documents, directly from their own workstation.
There is no time wasted in relaying information repeatedly. 

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Communication with a big C

All of your communications go through the Welcome solutions. All of your in- and outbound e-mail traffic is handled. Your messages are even organized and saved. If you still prefer letters, this has also been accounted for. 


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Working on the go

Tablets and smartphones have become mainstays in our lives, as well as at our work. Working on the go is convenient and even necessary nowadays. Welcome also supports you with mobile solutions.

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Web portals

Do you want your partners and contractors to work with you? Do they want to track their reports online? Or is there data that needs to be edited? This is all possible with the digital web portals of Welcome CCS. 

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud?

 Want to get hooked up and working straight away? Then the SAAS-solution (Software As A Service) by Welcome is an excellent alternative. No need to worry about installation, updates or expensive servers. Would you prefer an in-house solution? It is all up to you, and we can help guide you through the decision. 

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