Welcome CCS is going international

One thing that makes a company from Tilburg larger than life: one of the biggest producers of household electronics in Europe has chosen the Tilburg based Welcome CCS as a partner for a large-scale, global customer survey. The Dutch sister-corporation has successfully used Welcome CCS’s complaints-management software and the NPS® method for the past two years. Now the European headquarters are also embracing this tried and tested method. Director Dave Wurms is completely wonder-struck with the choice for his company: ‘With this global payer as a customer, Welcome CCS is taking a huge stride forward’. 

7 Steps For Dealing With Angry Customers

Customers get rude or angry for a variety of reasons—some justified, some not. But since you’re in business to serve your customers, you’ll likely encounter rude or angry individuals at one time or another. How you respond can make the difference between a customer who feels satisfied with the resolution and one who vows never to patronize your business again.

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