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Ensure your clients are enthusiastic through feedback management

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. This used to be the maxim of customer satisfaction. The times have changed. Is your customer still satisfied if he can go to your cheaper neighbor? Satisfaction is a momentary measurement. Choose for the software solutions of Welcome CSS for feedback management and deal with complaints, ideas, compliments and experiences positively and proactively.  This is how you instill enthusiasm. Your benefits: an enthusiastic customer will return, will buy again and shares his enthusiasm with others.    

Get to know your customer with Focus Feedback by Welcome CCS

Your company knows what it is doing in the niche in which you operate. You know the products and services that you supply from top to bottom. But do you know your customers? Do you know what drives your customers? Do you know what your customers think about you and your company? Customers like to be open books. Make sure the pages of this book have words on them. Feedback management gives you valuable information. Why not try out Focus Feedback by Welcome CCS?  Get to know your customer and appreciate their opinion.

Use the power of mouth-to-mouth advertising

Is the difference with your competition in provided products and services minimal? Make the change right now with a one-of-a-kind service. Holding a customer satisfaction survey once a year is not enough. Keep listening, asking questions and monitoring signals. With Focus Feedback by Welcome CCS you will use the power of feedback management continuously. If you know what makes your customers enthusiastic, you create ambassadors, especially if they promote your company through mouth-to-mouth advertising.

Increase your turnover with a higher customer satisfaction.

How do you measure your customer satisfaction? To measure this correction counts in how you provide customer satisfaction. The Net Promoter®Score (NPS®) is an excellent tool for this. With the Net Promoter Score, you get insights into your promoters and your critics. The promoters spread your brand to friends, family and colleagues through mouth-to-mouth advertising. High Net Promoter Score predict a stronger growth in your turnover. So it is crucial to use feedback management to increase this score. Focus Feedback by Welcome CCS can help you with this.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

Read more about our software for Feedback management >>>

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